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How To Say “I/ME” 

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This universal safety net is compatible with most if not every 15′ round frame with 6 Angled enclosure systems, including Skywalker. Featuring —— High-Quality PE Material Industrial-Grade Zipper, allows for easy … Continue reading

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Google at your Convenience 

If needing to know a sentence pattern, feel free to Google it really quick on your phone if you are out and about. I forgot about I could do that … Continue reading

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Planche or Bust #4

19sec!! https://youtu.be/g5avjkVIlHQ

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Going to the Zoo 参加動物園

These are words and phrases it’d be good to know when going to the Zoo 這些是一些事是有用去 的句子和生子。 这些是一些事事有用去动物园的句子和生子。 Preparing to go to park. Does everybody have what they need? Do you … Continue reading

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Welcome! (中文在下面) Welcome to the yanhuRunningMan’s English Blog! Here you will be able to look up phrases to be able to improve your English and enable you to enjoy traveling … Continue reading

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