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Welcome! (中文在下面)

Welcome to the yanhuRunningMan’s English Blog! Here you will be able to look up phrases to be able to improve your English and enable you to enjoy traveling the world. English will allow you to interact with the world when on travel or any international conversations that take place in your home or abroad (from my experience whenever there are people from different cultures/languages the default language is English). My goal is to help you improve your English skills in hopes to enrich your life.

歡迎大家!你在看“yanhuRunningMan’s”英語blog.(yanhu 是鹽湖城的鹽湖)

在這個blog裏面你會找到一些英語課程。幹嘛我會post這些英語課呢?是因為英語在這個世界上是非常重要的。茹你想出去旅行,跟一群不一樣的文化預言的人講話,還是比人請比較好的工作,學英語是非常重要的!我自己的目標是幫你改好生活。茹有問題還是一見,請告訴我 (都可以通知我中文在什麽部份有錯)。 祝你們成功!加油!

欢迎大家!你在看“yanhuRunningMan’s”英语blog. (yanhu 是盐湖城的盐湖)



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