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This universal safety net is compatible with most if not every 15′ round frame with 6 Angled enclosure systems, including Skywalker.

  • Featuring
  • ——
  • High-Quality PE Material
  • Industrial-Grade Zipper, allows for easy and secure entrance and exit.
  • specifically designed to provide long-lasting protection for your jumpers.
  • New net style features a thicker mesh design that is much safer and higher-quality than previous replacement nets available on the market.
  • ———–
  • The Net excludes the springs from within the enclosed jumping area. This provides a significantly safer jumping experience.
  • Net attaches at the top of each angled pole with reinforced stitching and high-test nylon webbing.
  • Net secures to the bottom with either the included rope or by sliding the mat rings through designated holes.
  • Treated with UV protection, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal protectants to protect your net from the elements.
  • ————
  • Order Includes
  • Net
  • Rope
  • Assembly Instructions.
  • Full 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • ————
  • This is the right replacement net for your system if you trampoline has
  • 15′ round frame
  • 6 angled poles
  • ————
  • FAQ
    “My Net is too small”
  • Solution
    1. Double check frame diameter, pole type, and number of poles were measured correctly
    2. Attach the top of the net first
    3. Attach the bottom of the net after the top part of the net
    4. Process: pull and stretch it out. Give it a break. Then pull and stretch it again. The net is designed to be tight to keep your kides inside of the trampoline

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